Zack's Yesterday

This was yesterday:
  1. Wake up at 7:00am - early, but I have to buy baseball tickets so no matter.
  2. Play poker tournament at 10:00 with Frank (birthday # 1)
  3. Visit my dad in the afternoon
  4. Eat mexican for dinner for the start of Matt's party (birthday # 2)
  5. Go to the comedy club until 10:00
  6. See a movie until midnight (eurotrip, again, but it was with miles).
  7. Play games until 3:00am.
  8. Drive home.
  9. Turn around to go back and pick up the friend who's just been rear-ended.
  10. Talk to the police.
  11. Drive her to our house so she can sleep off the adrenaline with people around to make sure she's okay.
  12. Finally go to sleep at 5:00am.
Not my longest day ever, but certainly more exciting than I'd initially counted on.


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