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It's been a longstanding rule of mine to not play a racing game and then immediately go driving in real life. I broke that rule a couple of nights ago with Burnout 3. Burnout's premise is that while you're racing it's generally a good idea to try and knock your competitors into guardrails and then drive on the wrong side of the road at 150 miles per hour so you can go that much faster. It's actually pretty good. But when you start plotting paths through traffic that are suicidal at best it's not such a good thing. I did get to the baseball game on time though.

The game appears to have left a lasting impression on me as well. One of the ansilary side goals is to take out a big rig or two, maybe a bus, and if you're lucky you can hit a tanker truck and make it explode. Nevermind that your car is totalled in the process. Driving home this morning I saw a double tanker truck half hanging out of a 76 station and for the briefest of moments my mind flashed on how I might yank the wheel, mash the brakes and hit the curb in such a way as to send my truck pinwheeling through the air and slam into the rear trailer.

Unlike the urge to bungie drive, this urge I managed to resist.


Yeah - learned this rule when I was in France playing Driver on the P/S. We immediately jumped in my French friend's twingo and proceeded to madly careen around town nearly taking off the side view mirror (and my other friend's arm before he realized it should remain in the vehicle at ALL times. . .) Driving in Europe is crazy enough without video game influence!

Crash breaker! Go for the crash breaker! Avoid all hearts! ... I mean...I have NO idea what you're talking about.

Hey, love the duffman costume. I would have emailed you, but I cant find your adress on your site. Thing is, I cant find a good Duff image, so I was wondering if you still had yours or have a link. Thanks. John

Hey, Great Duffman costume! I used your trials and errors and came up with my own which I used for Halloween 2003, and will use again this year. If you give me an email address, I'll email you pics of how it turned out (as I don't have them on a spiffy website. Thanks! Brent Hegarty

Wow. Guess it's that time of year again. Congrats, Z, you're fame spreads :).


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