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There's a major street near where I live that has a little stretch, say the length between one strip club and the other, where woman of the night tend to work. I had the opportunity to drive that stretch of road at about one in the morning the other night. It appears business is booming; I know this because management has shown up.

That's right. Pimps.

At least I assume it was pimps. I hope they were pimps. What other reason could a middle aged man have for wearing a full length ivory fur coat with matching wide brim fur cap? At one in the morning. While being stopped on the street by police.

Huh. Pimps. And they actually look like you'd assume pimps would. Who knew those costumes were accurate.


I went to Spencer's in the mall last night. They have regular Santa hats and Pimp Santa hats. I can only assume that Mrs. Claus is open for business.

Justin and I had a similar experience in a Bellingham restaurant not long ago. It's hard to exactly recall the get-up because it was the incarnation of every pimp stereotype I am aware of (satin/fur/hat/cane/diamond sunglasses/strut). I assumed that the band had shown up early, but it was 9am. And there were no bands playing. So, I guess subtlety isn't a job requirement.


I'd love to get a Santa Pimp Hat!!!! that would be the shiznit

Spencer's gifts. Found in several malls across the country. http://www.spencergifts.com/ Ho, ho, @#&$in' ho.

Thanks Tiff...I'm in Afghanistan right now and just don't have the Acess but damn...It would of been funny to have.....

I menat access...but I'm sure you got that

I meant, meant....oh, never mind

Hahaha. It's like looking at a session of my Instant Messanger screen

Nice...very nice.


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