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I think I'm ready for my trip, training wise at least. Yesterday was another climb of mount si wearing 45 pounds. No real problems though we did have to turn back after about 2 miles because of ice and snow. I'll be climbing in ice and snow but I'll have crampons then, plus no point risking injury this close to leaving.

It still seems kind of surreal. Most of the times I've travelled before I've had some vague itinerary for the city or cities I'll be in. If nothing else a checklist of things I want to do and see. But we won't really be in any cities, it'll just be climbing. There will be stops after each climb in the cities and I think that we actually spend a majority of our time in the company of other humans but my mind hasn't really wrapped itself around that. Just sort of an odd sensation.

I still hold out hopes for finding a massive Incan carved woood table for like $30 at some flea market, but more than likely it'll be at a shop or gallery. I've got to find something with a big face carved in it so I can name my table "Senior Extopolopoketle".

And to wrap up the last thread - dreams of new car ownership are temporarily on hold since I got a quote from my insurance company saying one of the cars I was looking at would cost me $1400 every six months to insure. nearly three grand a year just to drive a car seems a little excessive. Now I think I just need to find a little commuter car. maybe a mini. Then I can sup it up, steal some gold, and go on a wild chase through downtown.

It's going to be sweet.


Most common comment you will get after first telling people the name of your table: "Ghezuntite"*. *Yes, I know my spelling is horrible.

Whoo-hoo - first comment! (it's really not that exciting, but I'm at work...) Extopolopoketle? I need to hear that story... Go to Canada and get a new Smart car - they were rated the safest car in the UK, and they get better gas mileage than a motorcycle... of course, you'll need a trailer to carry more than one person (or dog) with you ;)

Damn - Tiff beat me to it as I was typing... :(


*sniff*...Thank you. *sniff*

Carved wood and South America tip: watch out.. based on my experience in Peru you can bring your wooden wonders and shortly after discover some South American version of wood termites eating your art piece alive (I lost 2 out of 6 that I brought) On the second note... dont give up on the car...if you were asking for that Saab insurance - odds are that they don't really have it in their system (new model) and be default quote you the highest rate they have. My 2 zlotes... (which is 75 cents now with the weak $ so it's worth a lot more than "my 2 cents")


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