Senior Baldridge's Bachelor Extravaganza

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Freshly back from vancouver for Matt's bachelor party. There were pictures taken, but they are currently trapped on Matt's own camera so we'll have to see what makes the light of day. There was much steak and alcohol, I imagine matt's recolection of the night goes something like:

Drink!, limo, Drink!, steak, Drink!, fireworks, Drink!, wandering to the bar, Drink!, blessed sleep.

But I don't actually know. He was a good bachelor though, wore his rediculous shirt the entire night with a big grin on his face. Trent and Andy lead him around to have all of the women in the bar sign it and wish him well. One woman asked if it was a scam, just to get more women to hit on. I have to kind of wonder what type of woman that would work on...

And since no bachelor party is complete with out it, I stole a traffic cone. Of course since canadians do everything with their own little flair (strutting man on the crosswalk signs) this traffic cone is only about 7 inches tall. It's like it's meant to be pocket sized. I need to mount it in trophy form.

Care to share you dim and spotty memories matty?


Well, there was a period of nap in there sometime during the fireworks.

Sorry I missed it, Matty... but rest assured, I had a couple of drinks Saturday for you... ;)

Pictures at a bachelor party?! I thought that was rule # 1, No Pictures! Unless, of course there was no drunken debauchery, then all is good!


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