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So this last week's "Challenge" was to go around your workspace and take pictures of things that are out of place, things that aren't where they belong. Now the book seemed to have this to mean that you would find your fine tipped brushes where your heavy oil brushes were and wouldn't that just be a catastrophe! However 1) I don't have a workspace and 2) everything is already where it's supposed to be (I think I can hear my parents laughing all the way from here). So I decided I'd have to put something someplace where it didn't belong and take pictures of that. But what? Scissors in the butter dish? Cat in the freezer? It was while wandering around Target and spotting the early easter candy that I decided: Peeps.

Peeps where they don't belong

Now technically the assignment was for 10 pictures, but I figure that since I shot 14 I should be allowed some slack to only post 9 so that they are in a nicely laid out grid. I'm all about organization and neatness after all.


Very nice. I especially like the egg-laying peep. I'm hoping that among the non-posted pictures are "peep-in-the-bathtub" and "peep-in-a-real-birdnest".

I had no access to a bird nest but I do have "Peep in a bird feeder". I tried Peep in an Addie water dish but that just started dissolving :)


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