Oh, life is sweet.

I got back from a meeting today to find a message on my cel from my dad. It seems that my younger brother starts work tomorrow, I can't wait. It has been somewhat of a tradition in our family that the kids must work construction for at least one summer. It certainly taught me the value of a dollar (one pair of jeans was about 6 hours of slogging through slurry). I've been looking forward to this day for a very long time *grin*.

A little back story: My younger brother is a night owl (work starts at 6:30-7:00 am) and very cocky (pissing of most workers is a bad idea). When starting out "working construction" means being a laboror, which basically means moving things about, tearing down formwork after a pour, and scraping plywood. Scraping LOTS of plywood. Plywood that's been infused with concrete. Oh it's great fun :)

I think Martin and I may have to plan a lunchtime visit to say hello to little Darin.


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