I killed a fish :(

So we had this betafish that hated me. Every week I'd go to clean his water and he'd fight and runaway from the net, making it somewhat hard to put him in the new clean water. yesterday was no different except that when I finally got him in the net and up out of the water he hopped up out of the net and fell down the garbage dispsal. Well he didn't fall straight down, he got stuck halfway, looking at me, and fell through when I tried to grab him.

Now I don't have a problem squishing spiders or anything, and only a month previously I'd had to flush his dead little brother, but the prospect of grinding up a (at least partly) living fish was not a nice one. So I stick my hand in the garbage disposal. I manage to grab him with my fingers a couple of times but every time he slips out. I run a little water to keep him alive and grab some chopsticks. Those worked a little better but no dice. Run more water and grab a spoon, still no luck. So I push the faucet and handle out of the way to get a better look at where he's stuck, start running the water and go get some tongs. I come back and notice that the water is kind of warm - well scalding actually. So after 15 minutes of trying to fish this little guy out of the garbage disposal I cook him. He's fairly easy to pick up now, I drop him in the water and he's floating vertically sort of twitching. I swirl the water to maybe revive him but he's gone.



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