I got to talk to Rob Cockerham of fame today - if you haven't stumbled across it yet... well then it's pretty likely you haven't stumbled across this site either, but anyway.  Cockeyed has been a great distraction during slow times at my various jobs and tends to be one of those sites I read everything on, forget about for a little while, then come back and read everything all over again.

Rob had a donations link set up to help with his upcomming "how much ink is in a cartridge" experiment - that makes a lot more sense if you read his site first - but I ended up being a little too late to help out.  Still wanting to contribute, Rob said they'd try and come up with something that I could be a proud sponsor of.  So far "how much is inside a keg" (a well known quantity I'm sure ;) ) or "how much is inside dry ice" have been suggested - regardless it's pretty cool to take a small part of one of my favorite sites.  Oy, now I've slipped into fanboi mode.

In other news my job is secure in that people love the tracking tool I've created and no one understands the black magic beneith it but me, huzzah!


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