Leaving Roma

Tonight is our last night in Rome, and Italy :( Provided our nation doesn't do something so stupid that terrorists cause the airports to be shut down again in the next 24 hours we should be safely in the air and on our way to Philadelphia.

It's been extremely fun, I've somehow managed to shoot 250+ photographs in the past 12 days and it still seems like I've missed some stuff. Regardless, Contiki tours will grind you into the ground (I can't imagine trying to do the 9 countries in 26 days tour) and the two days I have back before returning to work will never be enough.

Now it's one more quick stroll down by the colosseum then to catch the cramped metro train (note, auschwitz humor is an aquired taste) back to the hotel to frantically pack all of our breakable souveniers before heading out to our farewell dinner.

I think I'll make a gallery (and possibly travel) section when I get back.



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