It cost me $157 to develope all of my film from Italy. Well actually it only cost me about $50, but I also wanted the photoCDs so I didn't have to bother to scan all 300+ pictures (more than I originally estimated) and that was another $100. a Note, I'm not certain it was worth it. Sure it saved me time and hassle and I won't really miss the money since I'd planned on spending it, but the CDs aren't anything special - 100 megs of garbage application and 10 megs of pictures, whee. They (the photo development place) also cut off the a couple of pictures wrong so my picture of the Franciscan Friar has his head cut off.

Funny too, the day I got the pictures back I found a 12th roll of film (being devloped now) that has my pictures from Venice with the Indy Church (Saint Barnaba's Cathedral) on it so I can't even post that. *sigh*

Back to work I suppose, which seems today to consist largely of people saying "we really like the tool you built, only now we decided we want to do something completely different and throw away weeks of your work because we're fickle bastards, thats okay right?"... At least I get to leave early :)


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