Easily Amused

Other than the traffic cam/map page lying to me about how congested sr-520 was this morning, today's drive was a fairly mind numbing commute - which lead me to notice a couple of little things. First off I saw a car with a personalized license plate that read:  LQQKNLO  (appologies to Mac users who won't render that font very well). "lookin' low" with the Os in look as Qs so they look like little eyes. Heh.

While still lightly amused about that I pull up to a stop behind a red geo metro packed full with random crap. One of the items not too obsucred was a long blue rectangular box labled "Futurama: Collect-o-rama". I have no idea what the Collect-o-rama is (boardgame, chess set, US State Quarters map) but man I want one like nothing else :)

And thus the subject - I am easily amused. Entertained by battery operated lint removers. Lover of Zippos for they are Fire, Metal and Shiny rolled all into one.

Man parsing logs with perl is boring work.


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