This morning I managed to both back into someone and crush the front of my truck at the same time.  Well crush may be an exageration but take a look at the photo and see for yourself.  We borrowed a flatbed truck to move a free hot tub (already up to 91 degrees, woohoo) over the weekend and needed to return it this morning.  I drove the truck down to the job site in south seattle and Andy (new roommate, Matt's brother) followed in my truck.  We got to a fork at the job site entrance and I couldn't remember which way to go so threw the automatic into park and hopped out to ask him.  But the thing about automatics is Reverse is right next to Park, and this particular automatic didn't like to go all the way into Park apparently.

So as I reach the end of the flatbed and Andy rolls down the window I hear the first piercing Beep of the backing up warning sound from the truck.  I try and push the truck to a stop for about a quarter of a second before realizing that's dumb and I'll likely hurt myself, and hop back into the cab to put it all the way into park.  Andy tried to throw my truck into reverse but couldn't in time so ended up slamming down on the parking break - which actually managed to stop the push of the flat bed and also prevented it from pushing my truck into the truck behind him. 

So there you have it.  I have a crappy morning, no breakfast and probably about $700 in damage to my hood, but at least it was all on my truck so no insurance problems and I got another "remember when I was so dumb I..." story about my truck to add with the "remember when my truck went swimming..." story.



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