More black magic

Earlier last week the tool I'm working on crossed over from code to black magic. That is the users of said tool wanted to do something with it that I hadn't programmed it to do. All of the buttons where there for what they wanted to do, I just thought it wouldn't work (wouldn't work in that particular combination). It worked - I'm still not entirely certain how or why, but it does. Hooray, I got a free afternoon.

Today it got worse. After throwing out the weeks of work (see previous posting) I'm back working on my graphical query builder. I have it working building queries one level deep but hadn't yet worked out how to have it build them many levels deep. I had all of the buttons in place and just decided to try and see what happened when I built one many levels deep... it worked. I'm happy because i can stop hitting my head against the table trying to figure out how to do this thing but I'm a little hesitant to release it given that I don't know how it works.

Ahh the trials of a geek's job.

Oh yes, I also hit the karma cap on slashdot yesterday - time to move to k5.


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