Wasting Bandwidth

Lately I've been listening to Triple J at work for a little more variety. Triple J is an australian radio station that happens to stream fairly well, hence the title. Anyway. Today I heard a song called Alphabetic Aerobics remixed by DJ Food off a collection called Solid Steel - Now Listen released on the Ninja Tune label. It's a remix of a song off of an album by Blackalicious. The song is actually pretty good (I'm going to try and find a copy of it on Morpheus to post up here) but I think more than anything I'm ammused by the names involved :)

  • Ninja tunes
  • Blackalicious
  • DJ Food and DK
  • Alphabetic Aerobics

They're all pretty dang smooth and a lot better than some of the names American artists come up with ("three doors down", whatever). But anyway. If you've got bandwidth to burn and don't work under some nazi, go grab a listen - it sure makes me want to go there; that and crap like this.

- Zack


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