I love my team

Working on the Xbox team is a pretty sweet gig - beyond the whole "looks good on a resume" thing. We get cool toys :) Basically every couple of weeks our admin pops by with something new branded with the Xbox logo. In the 7 months or so that I've worked here we've gotten a small assortment of T-shirts, pens, bouncing/flashing balls, a set of juggling balls, random stuffed animals and today Mints. Yeah I know mints aren't inherently cool or anything, and I suspect these are actually those strange Listerine sticks that are advertised everywhere now, but the tiny little box is of course stamped with the Xbox logo. You'd be suprised what they can stamp logos on. Now if only I can fenagle myself one of the little cast metal prototype xboxs they gave out for our launch date (contracters excluded, damnation).

In other news, using old development kits as server hardware proves to be less and less a good idea every day.


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