Something about a road and good intentions

A small portion of my job here is to handle access rights for part of the Marketing teams collection of servers. It's basically just cake work for when I need a break or have nothing to do, but they appreciate it. So today one of my two contacts down there stopped by to drop off a gift from the two of them thanking me for all of the hard work I do - pretty nice of them. It's wine. I hate wine. I don't drink, but if I did I'd most likely still not drink wine. It's like someone took a perfectly good drink and left it in the sun for too long. Beer can't be anything but beer and harder stuff is supposed to be pain in a bottle, but wine could have been a nice grape juice. I smiled and thanked them, it was a nice thought afterall, and am now trying to think if I know any recipies that call for good cooking wine.

Oop, just looked down farther in the little baggie - toffees. Not a total waste afterall. Scratch that, Coffee flavored toffees. Well crapola.


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