Travel Considerations

I had no idea how difficult it would be to travel once my contract is up here at The Evil Empire. Of course I have to find a space to store my stuff, make sure my dog is safe and healthy and all of that, but there's more. You need - or should really consider - a will, granting someone power of attorney for several things, health insurance, travel insurance, insurance for the crap you leave behind. Tons of stuff.

So of course I spend my time looking at gadgets and gear to take :) Eagle Creek has some nice packs - the one pictured at right is their "New World Journey" pack. It's not too expensive (around $250 at REI) and is a little more travel oriented than the standard internal frame backpack. It's got a few too many straps and the detachable day-pack has never been a concept I could really latch on to, but it seems like a nice setup regardless. I've got a smaller Eagle Creek pack that I got for graduation from Highschool and it's served me faithfully on all of my one weeks or shorter.

But for now I'm back at work. First day back from a longish vacation and my boss calls in sick to work. I've got a list of stuff to do, but it's always harder getting clarification over email. Which reminds me, it's time to check my email. Need to see if Aimee has found herself a perfect yellow lab yet. Though in all likelihood she'll just be a sucker for the first cute furry face on like I was.

Chemical burns blow, I need to remember to use gloves or at least not have cuts all over my hands the next time I use bleach on the hot tub.


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