New look (sort of)

Cleaned up the PHP and HTML code a bit today. Little things like making sure every page actually referenced the global CSS and that said pages didn't include style tags in the head that overwrote anything in the CSS (unless I really really meant it).

Comics are going to get an overhaul next. The frame in the middle of the page is hoaky as all get out and takes up way too much space. Plus this will allow for a bit of text about each comic to be there.

Travel, Gallery and Projects are to come. Travel should be mostly text and some pictures - though most will link to the Gallery. If I need to explain Gallery then the world's in serious trouble. Projects will be for things like my recent completion of a Pac-Man arcade table (measurements, wiring, board troubleshooting, etc).

Poker night tonight. I haven't played in about 5 months, but I did okay last time. We'll see if the just-this-side-of-unholy Birkenbuel luck still holds true :)


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