Transylvania 6-5000

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I get my new cell phone today, it's the nokia 8260 - small so I can actually carry it around - and it can take custom ringtones. To my surprise the vast repository of the Internet does not in fact have a ringtone like the phone from Transylvania 6-5000. Maybe it's the fact that the sound is more annoying than squeeking styrofoam on a blackboard, or the fact that the movie pretty much sucked (which is of course why I like it). So I must take it upon myself to create the beast. If I get a halfway decent sounding one I'll post it here, if not.. well.. I'll still probably post it here.


hello, if you make one, i would be very interested in getting a copy of it if you are willing to share. I havent been able to find one either

please send me a copy of the ringtones 6-5000. thanks in advance. gunnar from sweden

Oh man oh man oh man...that would rock so hard!! I'm looking everywhere for that type of ringtone...if you manage to do it...I would forever be in your debt it you send it to me. XD Thanks a bunch, X.

I would love that ringtone also, the movie is one of my all time favorites, a classic...let me know if you find/make it...Thanks.

I have searched the internet time and time again thinking someone surely will create that ringtone. What better way to be notified of an incoming call is there?? If you happen to create the ringtone or something even remotely like it I would love to have a copy if you are willing to share. Thanks

Dude, gotta have it, if you make it, drop an email

see bassclef78 comment...copy...paste here

Would love to have a copy of this... please send it to me if you have it! I would be forever in your debt!! Thanks!

I am supprised this does not exsist as well. I would love to have a copy if available. Thanks!

Me too!!! I was just making the noise of the incoming call at the house in the movie, and thought, how awesome, guess I'm behind th times! Were you able to create or find it? If so, Please! Please! email it to me! Thanks

I want it!!Thanks.

i've scoured the internet looking for that ringtone and happened upon this site. nobody seems to have it. if you do, please send me a copy. i'll brag to all my friends that there is indeed someone outthere who can actually make things happen!

Please, if you have been able to create it, I would love a copy! Thanks so much!

Please, send me a copy. Thanks so much!

I'd love it too!!! PLEASE!!

I would love a copy myself!!! I just revisted the past and added this to my netflix list.

I have been looking for this ringtone since cell phones first came out. I would LOVE to have. Thanks Man.

mi chiamo gary mcclaran. please o please send me the ringtone!!!

glad to see im not the only one who wants this. Has anyone recieved it? If so please send it to me!!

It's still on the phone, and I still have the phone, but I can't seem to extract it. I'll have to try a wee bit harder though since I guess there's a draw for it. I should really check these archives more often.

I've been looking for this ringtone since I got my phone.

I too am looking for that ringtone. My GF would be sooooooo jealous! HA ha.

email is btw thanks in advance

I can't believe there is this much interest and no one has posted a success or ongoing attempt to land it. What's the status?

Freakbrother I need the file to make it into a ringtone. the link you posted is just for a quicktime player which you cant do anything with.

thanks for the file, try using to upload it to your phone. You can usually get programs off that are free and will convert it to the desired file type. I can't get mine to work yet but i think it needs to be in .qcp format b/c i have Sprint. Good Luck

just open up the url in windows media player...after it plays, go to file>save as and save it to your desktop!

heh ill take a copy of the t 65000 phone ringer. that movie was great

I'd love to have it too.


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