YASD (yet another strange dream)

So three of us (myself, a random nameless 25 year old, and McGuyver) are in charge of the entire nuclear power production for the city. It's late at night in the power plant when all hell breaks loose and we need to shut the reactors down and restart them. The other two have to stay in the control room while I run around the plant floor shutting down and carefully recalibrating the reactors. all three go down without a problem, but after getting the first and second back up the third poses many problems. Claxxons are sounding and it's getting VERY VERY hot (never good in a nuke plant). Steam, much radiation, several earth jolting jerks by the first two reactors, then we remember that running coolant through the core rather than running three reactors dry might be a good idea. Everyone lives, the city has power, then it's off to a party.

Maybe the cat fell asleep on my face or something, because that's almost (but not quite) as random and strange as the time I was hunted down by the russian mafia for trying to help the princess escape from the mall with the psychotic hotdog and swimsuit vendor.


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