"so, are you excited?"

I get asked that a lot recently - I leave tomorrow - and most people expect answers along the lines of "oh heck yeah".  Truth be told though what I mostly am is scared.  Leaving my friends, family, home, dog, all of it - even for a little while - is scary, it should be.  I'm sure everything will change once I'm there, it usually does for me, but I'm still going to miss them.

Part of it is traveling alone I think.  I really wish I were traveling with Aimee again, but that's just not possible right now (bah, work).  Despite what my pop says, not all women are bad travelers - she was great in Italy.  So if you ever read this aimee, congrats on breaking his rule I suppose :)

I'm almost finished packing everything.  I never realized how much crap I had until I had to start puting it in boxes.  I'm up to 15 12 gallon stacking tubs, a few larger boxes for movies and DVDs (perhaps I own too many), several large misculaneous items and then all of the furniture.  It's going to be interesting to try and find a place big enough to house all of my crap yet still affordable when I get back.


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