I need a section/page/whatever for my projects up here. The problem is I have like no intermediary steps for any of my projects. Built two arcade cabinets, but all I can show are the finished products. I suppose I could toss up the measurements for the cocktail cabinet since they were sort of odd, but I don't have pictures or anything from the construction. Game table - finished as well. I could probably do something with the Computer-In-An-Xbox retrofit, but that's not likely to be a repeated project since comming by non-functional Xbox cases is harder than one would imagine :).

Well I'll have to open it up for Matt as well then, since he's off playing Boeing Machinist for a week I'm sure he'll have lots of stuff to put up.

But I think mostly I just don't want to keep writing documentation. 12 pages so far. single spaced. Well at least I've figured out how most of the tool works again.


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