House, need house

I think I got the house I really wanted to rent - and just in time too. I don't quite know what to do with myself through all of these days. Crashing at Aimee and Tiff's place I don't really have any of my stuff, so I can't do a lot of the projects I'd like to work on. I have a computer, but it's hard to do any real serious coding on a laptop (screen real estate, and just a single screen for that matter). So I'm looking forward to finally having some space.

The house is nice. The bedrooms are small, but the rest is nicely sized, it has a huge yard and a garage that will transform into a workshop nicely. It's cold out in the garage, that's about the only problem, but it could probably be insulated and heated pretty easily - or at least for short periods of time that require somewhat controlled temperature.

Anyway, I should get the keys tomorrow at noon and I can't wait. Until then it's just mental design work :)


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