Need to read the WHOLE article.

Well okay, datasheet, not article. Got my supplies from Maxim (the chip maker, not the magazine) for converting an Xbox devkit power supply to power an actual computer. It was a nice deal - Three tiny chips to convert the supplied voltage into the -12, -5 and 5 I needed. One problem; the chips can supply up to the amperage the motherboard I have needs, however when the put out that much power they tend to be off of their rated voltage by as much as 3/4 of a volt. Now motherboards have gotten more tollerant as time goes by, but when they need 5 volts, 4.3 just won't do.

So it's back to ebay. Found a tiny little normal power supply (a 90w one meant for old gateway computers) from Newton Power ltd. which should fit the bill. And only 10-15 bucks depending on who I buy from. So it lacks a little in the conversion aspect (now I'm basically just using the case and built in USB hub) but whatever gets it working.


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