New York & Vegas & Xboxen

I'm thinking of taking a week or so trip to new york in a couple of weeks here. Meet me some nice mobsters, visit the site of a few horrible events, in general have a good ol time. Unfortunately, in my price range all of the hotels are shared bathroom accomodations - which isn't really so bad - and one of the hotels listed "kitchenets available upon request, though they are quite grimey" as a feature. *sigh* it was easier when I actually had paychecks comming in :)

Also been planning out the trip to vegas in august (first visit to defcon, woohoo). Shouldn't be too expensive (about $450 all total it looks like) and bringing the Baldridge boys with me should help bump up the winning potential at the craps tables - hey we may even pay for the whole trip :) Trying not to get too cocky about it, but they always win and I always win so it's kind of hard not to. 3 nights in the MGM grand, 3 days of conference and gambling, then return home to start work right away - a nice way to cap off a 3 month vacation :)

Got my Xbox conversion all done except for the video output. Waiting on a scan converter from ebay - it turns out that's much easier than trying to cram a different video card in there. Since I went this route it means my tiny motherboard didn't end up needing a pci slot - which means I could have gotten a smaller one which means I would have had a lot easier time cramming it all inside an Xbox case. But oh well. I've got pictures, will put them up in a little project area eventually here.


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