I don't do journals real well, especially not while traveling. I want to write so much so fast that it comes out as an illegible scrawl (even to me). I also forget a lot of stuff so if I ever put it in everything is out of order. Consiquently I've started just jotting down little notes about interesting or odd things I see as soon as I get time too. Kind of like haiku without the structure I suppose. A small sampling:

Tony's burger - Turkish, Brazillian, Mexican and Yugoslav employees. Black man at the counter says it's great to see everyone work together, hispanic woman chuckles. I think tony's a bookie. He owes to people it would be best not to owe to. The world cup has been tough. I love New york.

Sign that reads "Danger: rodentcide" could probably just read "Dumbass: don't eat cheese you find on the floor".

An old russian woman wheezes tunelessly on her harmonica, cup in outstretched hand. no one cares. maybe the city does make you hard.

I fly home tomorrow - at a fairly inconvenient time given the amount of time it takes to get to the airport and through the lines. leaves me with about 4 hours tomorrow, not really sure what I wan't to do with them. I'm not really sure what I want to do with today. I've seen everything I really wanted to see except the statue of liberty. Unfortunately only the grounds around the statue are open, and only to those people with no briefcases, coolers or backpacks. Yeah, because tourists never carry backpacks. I'll have to visit again when terrorism at prominent locations isn't still fresh on everyone's mind. The Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art were both closed for differing reasons, but I care less about seeing them. Looking on my little subway map about the only thing left to stop and check out might be the zoo or the Intrepid Air & Sea Museum. 6 Days is probably plenty of time to see Manhatten. Well, if you don't want to shop.

Travelling solo does have some advantages (just go and do whatever, whenever) and I probably could have handled it for the full 3 months, but I doubt it would have been as fun as I wanted it to be - and it does get lonely at times. And it would be a lot more fun going out to eat and whatnot with friends. I met plenty of nice people, but they're all still aquaintances rather than friends. It's harder for me to go and do things with just aquaintances. And given that I never planned on staying in any one area longer than I've stayed here I would have only known aquaintances for the whole trip. So good lessons all around. Yes, I can travel on my own and it's just fine, good in some ways, but in general I would prefer to travel with someone.

Time to go find lunch. Should probably hit the Hard Rock again, check out shirt sizes. Either I'm shrinking or they're cutting sizes larger. Given that I held the shirts up to similar sized shirts I already own and they were still monstrously huge, I'm going to guess that it's the cut.


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