How many calories?

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So how many calories does Jack Daniels have? Camping this weekend brought about the creation of Jack and TAB. Since TAB is supposed to be zero calories per serving, if Jack has no calories you've just found the perfect drink for a low calorie diet. well sort of.

But now is not the time to wonder. Now is the time to go shave and shower off several days worth of wood smoke.

In case I forget myself, Slideshow.


Sounds good in theory. But after looking into the matter, i found out that our good friend, Mr. Jack Daniels, has about 72 calories per ounce. So that means a whole fifth would have approximately 900 caloroies. That's still a lot less calories than any beer.

opps thats suppose to be 1800 calories in a fifth of jack.

30ml = 1 once, so a 375 bottle of JD is 900 cals.


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