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Every now and then I comb through the logs to see who's comming to my site and how they got here. Since the text of the front page changes (though not too quickly) it isn't often from searches. Asside from one disturbing referral from a erotic fiction site about a year and a half ago most of my hits come from Fark.com threads, various web comics referall lists or the ever useful "self referred". But this last month I got a few dozen hits off of Right Wing News. Fark had a nice flame thread going based on an article posted on RWN and my comment was to post a picture (the one on the right). Well it turns out the author of the piece that started the whole "discussion" had been looking for that picture for a while. To quote:
After I saw this image in a Simpsons rerun, I spent 30 minutes looking for it on the net but it was nowhere to be found. But someone named Sawbones from the website 'Arr, the Kraken' posted it in a thread on Fark about my 'Confessions of an Isolationist Wannabe" editorial.

Best image ever =D

It's kind of cool :) It's basically just ego surfing, but I always like to see my name (or handle in this case) on interesting sites. So I've made it to MSDN, Diabloii.net, Cockeyed (though only briefly) and now Right Wing News.com.


Not quite as cool as RWN, but decidedly stranger, I apparently got linked from page 5 of an AltaVista search for "lumping OR hemlocks OR precipitation OR manicured OR celebrated". What the hell could they possibly have been searching for?!?


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