There was talk last night at bowling of a shirt. Looking around online it wouldn't be too expensive to silk screen up a couple of shirts for the hell of it, but I'd need a logo of some sort. It occured to me that I probably shouldn't use the copyrighted megaman logo that's currently in the upper corner of the page. So today I got to play graphics designer during lunch :)

I'm not terribly good at it, but fiddling with graphics and general site design as opposed to just mechanics is one of the parts of my professio I really like. One can argue that elegant coding is an artform/form of expression, but it can get a little stale. So every now and then I enjoy the chance to fire up Paint Shop Pro and have fun.

My first attempt, general layout may be a bit too dotcom, but I like the logo, and it's easy to put on a shirt :)


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