Forbidden thoughts

| has a piece up now about "forbidden thoughts" following september 11th of last year. Basically they had people write in with the thoughts they had that day/shortly thereafter that they hadn't shared with anyone. Most were along the lines of hoping people had died/wondering if they could get a better phone number or apartment now/black humor, but it was still an interesting read. My forbidden thought:

I remember wanting to buy a nice flag for my house for months/years before september 11th. I never got around to it because I'm generally kind of lazy, but my grandfather flew a flag and my father does on occasion so I thought it would be a nice tradition. Then the planes hit and everyone all of sudden flew flags and loved america and all that and my thought was, "well I'm not going to buy a flag now and be lumped in with these people". 'Fair weather patriots' as it were.

They're the people that say "I love america so much that we must get rid of our 1st, 2nd and 4th ammendment rights because only terrorists have something to hide/don't want people listening in". 53% - more than half damnit - of a poll of people recently thought the 1st amendment went to far and we should be policing religious groups to make sure there aren't more terrorists around every corner. God damn people, do you even remember why this is called the land of the free?

addendum: To whoever wrote that stupid "pop quiz" multiple choice email where every question is about an attack and every answer has "young islamic males between 18 and 24", you make me ashamed to be white and male since now I'm going to be lumped in with you.

End Rant.


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