I lose

I decided to play CD Roulette the other day. CD Roulette is where I cram my hand into my CD carrying case at random, grab one of the 8 CDs on those pages at random and pop it in without looking at what I got.

Round 1: I got Micheal Jackson's "Dangerous" album. Hmm, the sound is really tinny and hollow, I didn't think CDs degraded over time. Oh right, the album is just crap, now I remember.

Round 2: Ambient noise CD - thunder storms. Good for putting you to sleep. Not so good for driving too.

Round 3: Chubby Checker does the twist. I CD I got for the equivalent of 99 cents in germany 7 years ago.

Thuroughly beaten by the cosmos, I give up and pick out some Blumchen and go along my merry way.


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