dmb and ill timing

Dave Mathews was fun. Unfortunately the memories most strongly associated with that concert aren't going to be the music but rather watching a car roll over on the drive over (on the corresponding wait to give a police statement). That and the conversations of drunk spectators. It was kind of interesting to watch actually. There were these two girls who wanted to stand up and sway/dance over where we were sitting. Lots of people in the center portion of the Gorge were doing that but basically everyone over where we were was lying down or sitting in ultra-low-rise chairs. A large man behind them could not see on so started screaming for them to sit the hell down. They refused saying "look, 90% of the people here are standing" (closer to 60 but still) and he would counter with "yeah and they're all over there". So all of that wasn't really interesting, but watching the conversations ripple outward through the crowd was. It started with a few people near them and progressed to about a 100 foot radius of people debating whether they should be allowed to stand or should move to join the other standers. Infighting amungst friends. It seemed a little surreal for a concert. But the music was good if a little short by DMB standards.

Which brought me through the weekend to today with a bit of ill timing. The company that manages this building sent out an email saying it's time for them to do their regular testing of the fire alarm system. This week. Wednesday. September 11th. About a half hour after that they sent out another email saying that due to "several" emails they are reconsidering having warning sirens go off randomly on the aniversery of the a less than spiffy day. It just reminded me of that "Starting tomorrow all employees will require ID badges to enter the building. Photos for badges will be taken next week" memo often quoted on the internet.

And now back to work, soon to be back to super mario sunshin. mmm, crack


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