it was banana flavored actually.

Scott and Jeni, Aimee and I are in a race. Scott and Jeni are driving his honda, Aimee is riding with me in my old truck. We run from Safeway to Safeway as fast as we can trying to visit as many stores as possible in a 60 hour period - no sleep. You see if you buy certain items you collect points, whoever has the most points at the end of the 60 hours wins some terrific prize. I've got a little inside knowledge so know that the bacon and chopped onion sandwiches in the deli (the unwrapped ones only) are worth hundreds of points along with the smoked gouda and chedder bricks. Goldmine! Aimee finds the book isle which - in this store - also has the pastel colored butane camping stoves. I climb up onto the top shelf to find the best books, find the first Harry Potter book which scott manages to grab before I get to it, but also stumble across the complete diaries of C.S. Lewis - score! we'll win for sure. Mad dash through the checkout where the stupid wraught iron check stands slow us down. Pile into the truck and off to the next Safeway.

This is of course all a dream, and partly the reason I'm exhausted today (not much sleep). No more low quality enchilladas followed by insomnia inducing BBQ chicken pizza for me.


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