Do a google search for "write like hemingway" and Pat's page comes up first. First. Out of sixty thousand potentially quite valid results. I like the essay, I've always enjoyed pat's work even if I don't always understand his perspective or "message" (though Pat doesn't strike me as one to hide a message). But first out of sixty Grand, clearly quite a few other people liked it and linked to it to drive it so high via google's ranking system. Congrats Pat.

Looking at the stats for the site, as is typical, most of the traffic goes to images posted on other sites, but it's a pleasing trend to see that most days cross into the low twenties for distinct visitors and that the root page gets about 10% of the traffic for any month. For a site (or at least my portion of it) with nothing more than promises of useful information, pictures of idiots in odd situations, and the inane ramblings of a young web developer it's not too shabby.

Project page to come soon. I swear this time. I've got half of the pictures and 2 pages written I just need a little more.


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