This conversation made my day today. I've changed it slightly to make it more obvious what was being requested, but here you go.

Woman: Can you change the way this page prints.
Me: How so?
Woman: Change it so when I print it prints in landscape format and on blue paper.
Me: This is just a webpage, I can't change the paper in your printer from a webpage.
Woman. So that's a no?
Me: Correct.
In actuallity she requested that it print on A4 size legal paper, but that's not quite as silly as blue paper. Yeah anyway.

I've been working on (designing mostly) a new project for myself. I've got a map, a BIG map. It was taken from an old elementry school and covered most of the wall of a small room. In the house I'm in now the walls are plaster so I can't very easily stick anything into them and hence nothing into a map hanging on the wall. So I got started thinking what I could mount the map on that I could tack things into and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. I settled on sheetrock. This is going somewhere I promise. While trying to figure out how much I'd need and how to mount the map it occured to me that I a sheet of sheetrock would make a pretty good canvas - that I could paint a map on a sheet and go from there.

I get a project. I get to paint something other than walls, and I get to be (slightly) artistic. It's a go for me. Going to take some time I figure, but since it's winter and I don't really want to be working on outside projects it'll be convenient too. I don't imagine it'll take me much more than a week or two once I get the stencil and colors.

Plus I can label portions of the ocean "Here be dragons". We'll see if I can actually pull it off.


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