One of the things that really throws me about the occasional spam I get at my university account, is that sometimes the random names generaters that make up the "From" names come really close to the name of someone I know. Sally Kincade is a common one, there have been a few Arrons and Daves too. Of course then I look at the preview and see "I couldn't believe it, I made $55,481.99 in the first month alone..." and know it's just crap but still.

On another note, working on the front page a bit (and soon to do the gallery) to make it easier to put pictures up here. Sort of a self generating gallery/slideshow. That way I just have to dump a bunch of pictures in a folder and it's all done. Much less work for me = much more likely I'll put more pictures up. Afterall, the world needs more pictures of Adolph the Cat being tormented by Pikachu.


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