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I got to be on the radio the yesterday, well sort of. I got to be on australian radio yesterday, but it was a nation wide broadcast so it was still very cool :)

Triple J put a call out to their american audience listening over the net to send in some emails with their thoughts on America's pending war with Iraq. Being the staunch supporter of Herr Schrub that I am I sent my thoughts in. They called me back (which was a big no-no, apparently I'm never supposed to take calls from a radio station on a company line, use the cell phone next time). We chatted for a bit and they asked if they could call me back in about 10 minutes to put me on the air. I was one of 4 people interviewed in a segment for their morning show. I followed a guy from boston who fully supported the war and was followed by a woman from connecticut who fell somewhere between our two polar views. The surfer from San Diego that finished cemented the west coast = war is dumb view.

I don't think I did to bad, I only flubbed one word. Given that I'm not the world's greatest public speaker that was actually a pretty stellar performance for me. And I don't think I came across as too much of a screaming liberal or tin-foil hat wearer :)

Being a geek, naturally I captured the stream. Thank goodness ASFs can still be recorded even if microsoft doesn't want you to be able to. The WMA version is Here (820k) - just my 2 minutes of the segment. I'd put it up in a more cross platform friendly version but don't have a good MP3 encoder handy. But now that I know Macs have a version of Windows Media Player so it's all good. See, geek through and through :)


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