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There's a link to this site on it, but I may as well toss a link back from this site. did another experiment - How much is inside a keg - with pseudo sponsorship from me. Whee, I'm featured on the self proclaimed 6th best website ever. This actually got started about a year ago when Rob from cockeyed was doing a "how much is inside an ink cartridge" feature. He set up an amazon donation thingy as well as a mailing address. Well both myself and another fellow put in enough to buy an ink cartridge and since he only needed one (and the other guy put in first) he promised to do something else with my donation. The idea for How much was inside a keg was put forth and I was all for it. As months went by I assumed the money just went into the abyss that is web hosting costs and thought nothing more about it. Then the other day I got, amidst the sea of spam, an actual email to me at my university account. It was Rob, wanting to know if this was still the right address to contact me at and to let me know they were finally doing the Keg experiment.

So yay. Enjoy all that cockeyed has to offer - it's a great way to kill a day or two at work - but especially enjoy the kraken sponsored keggy goodness.


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