I got to see Mitch Hedberg on saturday, it was a blast. I've listened to quite a bit of his routine before and it was nice that well 2/3 of it was new material to me ("I don't have a microwave oven, but I do have a clock that occasionally cooks things", man my sides actually hurt). So that portion of giggles lineup was great - but there's always the opening acts.

I've got nothing against opening acts in general, everyone starts small and opens for someone else, but I swear it seems like all of the comics out there have had "SEX = FUNNY" branded on their brain. It's usually funny in the beginning but after a while I just start to wonder if that's all they could come up with to talk about. The first sex toy joke makes me laugh, second one I chuckle at, but by the 8th I'm just bored.

But thankfully Mitch closed us out and reminded us all that dogs are always in the pushup position and that if you tear the legs off of ants they look like little snowmen.

edited of course would be a porn site when I enter a link without checking first. Poor mitch, relegated to .net land.


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