Lost my job

Well I didn't actually lose my job - I'm still employed, and still have a contract to run through august - but the full time posisition I was going to be offered disappeared. I can't really tell what I feel about the whole thing. I was wary of the FTE position because it meant a massive curtail on the amount of time I was capable of taking off during any given year - and it also meant no more three month vacations - but it did mean I didn't have to save up enough to live with no job for three months. I may have ultimately not taken the job, but I liked it better when it was my decision as to whether or not I took it. To have had that decision made for me, by having the position just disappear from under me, kind of - as the french say - sucks. I suppose it just means I have to actually start saving money once I finish paying off the trip to australia :)

When composing that little rant in my head yesterday I remember there was some other point I wanted to mention - completely unreleated to the rant - which escapes me at the moment. Could it be about scuba? addie? disecting the robotic barney? who knows. Damn you TV! you've ruined my short term memory, just like you've ruined my ability to.. to, um... uh...


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