Moving yet again.

Well everything has fallen into place (almost, one final approval required) for me to move out of the house I rent. I really like having a whole house to my self - the ability to have unconditional control of the remote is kind of nice :) But paying triple the rent I did before just isn't going to cut it anymore. So come the end of december I'll be back in the house I was in before. At least this time there will only be 3 other people living there so perhaps there will be a little more space, we'll see. Regardless since I will likely "have to" (it was so hard last time) take another 3 months off, this will allow me to save and/or travel more.

mmm, travel. I'm trying to find a time to visit both London and Korea (they go together naturally, don't they). I figure while pat's over in korea teaching I really should go visit. I can visit london any time, but there aren't many opportunities - or at least I'm not presented with many - for visiting a relatively exotic land and having one of your friends be an experienced local "tour guide".

It's really all just about money, damn root of all evil, why can't travel be free? :)


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