West Wing

I started watching The West Wing this season, it's one of a couple of shows I really enjoy and make sure my Tivo has on hand for me. It's really well written and the characters - while all a little neurotic - have a fair amount of depth to them. It didn't take me long to come up to speed on the story lines either. All in all, I enjoy the show, but it has one unfortunate side effect.

Namely, I wish Martin Sheen (or President Bartlet I guess would be more accurate) were running for president in 2004. The character is *gasp* intelligent, has some character flaws but nothing everyone else doesn't has, and actually strikes me as a good leader. It's really sad when the ACTUAL leader of our country is so easily outshined by a television character. I'd trade bush for Bartlet in a second. I'd trade him for Morgan Freeman from deep impact (there was a president with a soul), I'd trade him for Andy Sherman from an american president - hell I'd trade him for an actor pretending to be a president in Dave. At least all of them can speak clearly without making up words ("criminables" indeed) or looking like a chimp in a suit.

This all came to my attention last night because that's when I watched the episode in which they had a presidential debate. Two well reasoned opponents (though obviously the star of the show won) exchanging actual ideas instead of sound bites. Yes I realize it's just television and the actors have the benefit of a script, but man do we need a good crop of candidates this next time around - it's embarrasing.

Either that or I'll just do a write in for Martin Sheen.


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