My little hit counter passed 2000 the other day, I thought it was kind of cool, it's been climbing a little faster than I had expected. I went to look at the log files (I do every now and then) and noticed that that counter isn't terribly accurate. Namely, it missed the 857 hits to my Duffman costume page from various sites who happened to discover it around the 12th of december ( and were the two biggest contributors). Though I guess that's all they really looked at so whatever.

And then I realized it's pretty damn cool that my little project was found (lord knows how) and that that many people thought it sounded cool enough to take a look. I don't know if anyone else will churn out a costume, but it was more fun for me to make than really worry about providing detailed steps for others to duplicate.

Come to think of it though, if duffman could pull that many people, once the WOPR is done I may actually get the slashdotting I (sort of) want :)


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