I brought home a spare old dev kit case - from back when they were just regular computers spray painted silver - to use as parts for the WOPR. Basically I needed the slide out motherboard tray, power supply, some of the mounting hardware and the connection cables for things like the power button and hard drive light. Last night I went to go clip off the connection cables to find that they had already been clipped and were missing.
Fate, it would seem, is not without a sense of humor
I don't remember what movie that was from, but the quote sprang instantly to mind. About a 10 months ago when I started preping to cram a computer into a modern Xbox case I was wiring the front panel so the eject and power buttons worked. At that time I needed the same connection cables I needed now so went down to the lab and clipped the cables out of a random case. I knew the case would then be useless as an actual PC enclosure, but they were just sitting in a heap and I figured they were headed for the shredder. So 10 months, a 100 day break, 2 lab moves and several re-stackings of the heap later and I manage to bring home the one case I had neutered.

I'd laugh if I didn't need those dang cables.


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