Simple Idiocies

It's the simple idiotic moments in my life that I usually enjoy the most. I lent my 4runner to a friend of mine over the weekend so got a green honda civic to drive as needed. I didn't end up using it, it just sat in my driveway all weekend. So this morning I was to go and swap the civic back for my 4runner on the way to work. I woke up late so was in kind of a hurry and ran out the door to find that the civic was completely frosted over. Ice scraper still in my 4runner I had to figure out how to get this car the 6 blocks to exchange it with my vehicle. Wipers don't clear the frost. I figure I can roll down the window and drive like a dog. Windows won't roll down.

The doors opens though.

So there I am, frosty cold morning, driving down a road with all four sides of a car completely frosted over, holding the driver side door open, leaning out and driving by what I can manage to see in the crack between the door and the car frame.

I'm about two blocks from where I need to switch out my car when the absurdity of the situation hits me and have a nice chuckle while icy wind blasts against my forehead (I still have a headache). It's a good thing the streets weren't crowded that early, I made some wide swinging turns :)

Random Update: Out of pure boredom I did a google search for Kraken and found out I'm 113 out of 115,000 results. Ha, take that you loser 114,887 other mildy kraken related sites :)


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