Back from the Dead

That was probably the worst 36 hours of my life I've ever dealt with. What I initially thought to be food poisoning was in fact a stomach flu. Not at all enjoyable, though the 17 straight hours of sleep I got after most of the symptoms wore down was kind of nice. Experience it has led me to two rather odd conclusions:
  1. There is nothing good on daytime TV anymore. Now if you're a fan of soap operas there is obviously going to be points of contention here, but baring them (and Oprah et al) there is NOTHING on daytime TV anymore. I remember on the crap days of summer vacation being able to watch old Batman or Land of the Lost reruns whenever some good old sci-fi movie wasn't to be found. Today it seems those are all religated to specialty channels somewhere in the premium Digital Cable lineup I choose not to subscribe to. So instead I get marathons of "Hands on History" and "Hell's Battlefield". Not all bad, but the black and white footage gets old after a while.
  2. There are mighty good drugs out there now. I made it to my doctors on the first day when I was still feeling pretty much like death warmed over. After concluding like I had that it probably wasn't food poisoning they mentioned that the flu shot I'd gotten earlier does nothing to protect against these short term flus and that was likely the cause. Since I was pretty severly dehydrated they gave me a shot of some anti-nausea drug that works really really well - and partly contributed to the 17 hours of straight sleep. Felt fine stomach wise after that though.
So now I'm at work, trying to catch up on the two days I missed before I leave for vacation in another two days, all at still somewhat diminished capacity. Oh well, new bed arrived today so at least I'll sleep more comfortably tonight.


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