Homer: "You know that feeling you get when a thousand knives of fire are stabbing you in the heart?"
Bart & Lisa: "No"
Homer: "Well I've got that feeling right now."

So whatever it is I did to my chest during the photo pictured above is getting slightly worse. That is to say, more movements or ranges of motion cause it to twinge in pain - never so bad as a sneeze, but still. The only thing I can think about is wondering how breathing pressurized scuba air is going to feel on it - deep breaths and all that.

Almost ready to begin the massive move into the new old house. I went over to the garage to pick up a few things and was amazed yet again by the amount of crap I've managed to accumulate. I brought over two boxes of "vital" stuff and could find nothing I needed in either of them. Things weren't all useless (blank cds are always good) but there were a lot of hardware boxes I'd saved "just in case". We'll see how much of it goes into the house and how much just sort of side tracks to the dump this saturday I guess.

I've got an itch to work on the WOPR but no tools or supplies or space to do it, bah. Guess I should completely flesh out the control circuit (and get some pictures and a schematic up here) since all that requires is a small amount of space to heat up the soldering iron.


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