Idle hands are amusing to others.

I think I was supposed to go to another rainforest yesterday. I honestly don't remember (any receipts long locked away in my email at home), I tried to poke around and find which company I thought I'd booked through but there are about a million different companies offering tours of the Daintree rainforest. Just another thing to see when I come back I suppose.

Consiquently Tim and I were idle most of the day and started to get a little cagey after about 1:00. I decided to take Dawn up on her suggestion of bleaching my hair (just the tips) so we wandered around trying to find a bleach kit. Unfortunately none to be found, but in the wandering around we ran in to Hue Le (I incorrectly named her Hun Le earlier) and Lavina. They thought I was heading to Sydney from Alice Springs and I'd forgotten when they said they were arriving so it was pretty long odds to just bump into them on the street - small continent like I said I guess. They were headed to "The Sportsbar" (that's its name) later that night so we decided to meet up with them. Found a pool hall and played a couple of games of strange australian rules pool, met up with Tim's two friends (Graham and Trevor I think), and then headed to the bar.

Since I've gotten most of my film developed I've got a picture of Hue Le and Lavina now (left and right respectively). Anyway they had free meals and we had free drinks at the Sportsbar (some YHA promotion) so we met up around 7:30. The food was average and the pool was fun but MAN did the DJ there suck. We figure he was trying to find what sort of music the crowd wanted to dance to so kept jumping from genre to genre with no real transitions. We thought that was pretty bad until he actually hit on the genre that most of the crowd wanted to dance to - gangsta/hip-hop/r&b/whatever. Tim and Graham slammed down their beers as quickly as they could and we headed out to the woolshed.

Having hit the Woolshed the first time on Australia day the second time was kind of disappointing. Not nearly as many people dancing and oddly enough it was the same music in almost exactly the same order. Still fun (they played House of Pain's "jump around" :) ), but I had a much better time the first time with Dawn and Tim. Lavin, Hue Le and I ended up leaving around midnight so I could get ready to head to sydney today and they could manage to wake up for their tours, I think Tim and Graham were there (or somewhere) until around 5:00 - obviously they had a good time.

They walked back on the Esplanade to see where my YHA was and try and stop the ringing in their ears. I told them I wanted to come back as soon as possible and they said they'd be back in sydney by then to show me all of the propper clubs. So there you have it. I have to come back to sydney in about two months. Dawn and Niamh will be set up by then and I can see them (hope their couch is nice :) ), Lavina and Hue Le will be back in town and can give me a propper tour. All I have to do is show up, seems easy enough. Checked prices, $1500 for airfare. I can probably save that in two months :)

But for now off to book a taxi to catch my 3:15 flight.


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