Sadly this will probably be my last update from the road. Tomorrow is my last day in Sydney and then I head to the airport fairly early on Saturday. But anyway.

Sydney is big, very big, I would say almost too big for my liking when traveling alone. It reminds me much of New York only with a slightly less convenient mass transportation system (I still can't figure out what type of pass I need). The YHA hostel here is HUGE which I consider a disadvantage. I'm on floor 5 of 9, each floor has it's own common room, however that room is dedicated to TV usage. There is a lounge area down on the ground floor but it is largely dominated by people sleeping or awaiting a bus or something, it makes meeting people somewhat difficult. I "met" another one of my roommates today, which consisted of me opening the door and him starting awake, mumbling something in a language I couldn't even begin to recognize and then passing out again. So yes, this city would be more enjoyable with my friends (new or old).

As it is I went to the opera house, the harbor bridge and got out near bondi beach but never actually hit the beach. Found a couple of cool parks - including one right next to the hostel - and determined that the train/underground is going to be the best way to get around since Sydney is a bit like seattle in the "maze of one-way streets" aspect. Tomorrow I'm going to climb one of the towers of the harbor bridge (rather than do the whole bridge walk, it costs $150!) and try and find a zoo. Two weeks hopping over australia and I've yet to see a koala or living kangaroo (dead ones or skins aplenty but I don't think those count).

So yes, Sydney is nice but not really in tune with the rest of the trip. I had to see it but I'd have much rather spent another two days (weeks? months?) with Dawn and Tim and Niamh. So if they ever read this, Chicken wishes he was back in Cairns. $1500 airfare, $175 work permit fee, and three promising short term contract IT jobs. Can you guess what I'm thinking about?



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